How to keep your House Safe and Secure

For several of us our house and its things is our main asset however does everybody take enough safety measures to make sure our contents and home remain safe and secure from the risk of crime?
Security and crime-reduction measures could save a lot of money, stress and hassle. Since magazine sales and television programmes prove, we spend a great amount of money, time and live into our house, and having them fall victim to robbery could be an upsetting experience.
The following measures have to be considered while helping to protect your contents and home from crime.
Many of the burglary are opportunist; therefore a house which looks empty would be more attracting to a passing burglar than one that is full of life. Visit a local DIY shop or store and purchase a low-priced timer which would automatically switch your lights on and off when you are out. It is also worth leaving an electrical device on such as the radio or TV on, this could also be used on the timer. Close all the blinds and curtains while you are out therefore the burglars have no idea of confirming whether you are in or out.
Make sure that you get some good quality locks for windows and doors, and try to use those them in your home. Leaving even the smallest window partly open while you go out could be a temptation to robbers. If you are working in the backyards and the windows or doors are open to cool the home an opportunist robber could be in and out within few minutes of time therefore always close all the windows or doors which you cannot see.
Having a dog could be more useful to your home and the fear factor could be a great prevention to possible burglars

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